Tarot. An ancient divination tool. A spiritual delight, when used effectively, that can help you find clarity and guidance.

Tarot-licious is a playful and practical online class, created to help you dive deeper into the practices of The Tarot. This class is designed to help you LOVE your practice and actually know how to READ the cards. This class is designed to help you understand and USE your tarot cards. Denise offers fun and playful ways to remember which card is which, and guides you on simple spreads to help you enjoy your mystical Tarot decks.



  • Join instructor Denise Stargazer –Professional Tarot Reader, Members of the International Tarot Foundation, Shamanic Practitioner and Spiritual Intuitive Guide .
  • 7 Lessons and over 5 hours of video (plus a one-on-one reading with a very special guest)
  • Easy to follow prompts plus user-interactive quizzes to help you hone in on your Tarot-reading style
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Tarot reading, as well as practice techniques to turn you into a knowledgeable and intuitive Tarot reader
  • Access for an entire year (pre-recorded video allows you to go at your own pace)
  • Wild + Holy Members receive 10% off Tarot-licious

Join professional Tarot reader and intuitive Denise Braun-Stargazer for a crave-able experience. Tarot-licious is an online tarot class like none-other. Denise brings playful lessons and easy to understand knowledge to the ancient Tarot. Crave the cards and dive into a whole new practice. Her unique style is followed by clients world-wide. And Denise’s guidance will help you intuitively understand your tarot cards in a whole new way.

If learning isn’t fun, what’s the point? Denise Stargazer created an interactive user experience for Tarot-licious. You will truly CRAVE the lessons and finally be able to practically use that fancy new Tarot deck you received for your birthday. Dust off that card box, break those Major Arcana out of their plastic wrap, and set your course for Tarot-licious. Because this ancient divination tool is ready to support your life!!