Spiritual Foresight: Divining Your Intuitive Life

$296.00 / month

Grow Spiritual Practice. Rekindle Your Intuition. Find Community.

What you’ll find here:

  • Curriculum + Intuitive Coaching + Guest Soul-Speakers + Accountability
  • Acommunity of like-minded women, in a place of safety so we can heal, laugh, reflect and be heard.
    • 90-days
    • Raw and real topics
    • Truth Seeking and Intuition Growing

Our spiritual heart is our most precious gift. As women, we use our heart, soul and intuition to create our lives. And often, our magical-spiritual gift is neglected. We get busy. We buy into fear and uncertainty. Even though we know a spiritual/intuitive life is a reflective and joyful life.

Within our Spiritual Foresight group, we create a sovereign, love-filled place. Here, we receive sustenance for our broken hearts. Here, we honor all forms of existence in a meaningful, powerful way. Here, we honor each other. As we develop or spiritual presence all while allowing our intuition to be rekindled.

It is time.
Together, we create the community where spiritual practice + collective healing changes our lives.

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