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Welcome To Spiritual Foresight: Divining Your Intuitive Life

Dear Ones-

We are embarking on a journey.

As we wind our way around the landscape here, you are going to find plentiful magic. It looks like this:

--Women who see you. Get to know you. Are honest and caring and want to see you shine.

--Spiritual rituals. Reminders of your power. Time to grow your soul's desires.

--Weekly love letters (in your email box). Reminders of your worth. Guidance and insight for these three months.

--Guests, journals, videos, accountability and pure magical magick! Lol!

Find a cozy spot. Grab a warm drink. And please introduce yourself to our group. I'm grateful for your presence and willingness to share. And to go deep. Let's get started.

(start a new topic with your NAME as the subject--then share away my dear).


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