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resources for grief

Hi everyone! Not too much to report from here on the East coast, just thought I would check in.
I’ve been doing some early fall stuff in the garden, which I’ve discovered is both grounding and procrastinating.🤷🏼‍♀️
There’s just so much to do outside,
and sometimes I just need to process stuff while tasking in the dirt. But I can get carried away and over do it. I just get excited that Winter is Coming😬❄️
Also, I know there are one or 2 souls here processing grief and I wanted to share a couple of resources I found helpful (my dad transitioned in June 2020. I wasn’t allowed into his Ltc facility to see him since Jan 2020, except for FaceTime. Then my kitty of 18 years passed away last May.
Anyway.. it’s a book, a journal workbook, and a homeopathic/flower essence spray. I still occasionally use the spray. I also practiced a LOT of self care in the way of sleep, ritual baths, and energetic cleansing with crystals. Even a simple large selenite wand is great to sweep through your aura, if that’s all you have! The most important things are: there are no rules for grieving, and be very gentle with yourself.
I'll add that I was very conscious of staying in touch with my grief, moving it along, not having it be stagnant. I am predisposed to melancholy, and am aware of how that can turn into depression for me. I've spent too many years in depression and I KNEW my dad would want me to move through and not stay sad (and he was telling me so from the other side.)
Books: I'm Still With You by Sherrie Dillard, From Grief to Peace, a guided journal by Heather Stang, and The Amazing Afterlife of Animals.
Grief and Loss spray is by Siddha, available from amazon.
Not sure I will be in the zoom call Saturday, my daughter is in town for the weekend from NYC. 🥰
Sending love and peace,
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Taylor ZeebLinda Folkerts

Thank you for these resources! And wonderful suggestions for tools as well.

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Taylor Zeeb

You’re so insightful and genuine love! Thank you for being raw I wasn’t s me to meet for last meeting either and have guilt about it. But you’re the true experience and example of an Empath. Such a blessing, (curse at times). thank you Martha. I’m so sorry for your current pain.

xo Taylor

I know that this is a late reply, but all day Martha's name kept popping into my mind. My sweet little Hazel, the dog that I adopted from a rescue group has been in the hospital in critical care for lepto.  Unfortunately she was not given the lepto vaccine because it isn't a "core" vaccine,  nor was it mentioned to me. For the first time, I am confused, wondering if I am doing the right thing for her or if it is time to let her go or to keep her in hospital. It has been an up and down emotionally charged battle, and I am worn out tonight. So here I am looking for what, I am not sure. Support, I guess, or direction. Thanks for letting me release some pent up feelings❤