The Sun, The Shaman, and Spirit

Join Shamanic Practitioner and Intuitive Guide DENISE BRAUN-STARGAZER for a spiritual journey unlike any other. In the Sun, The Shaman and Spirit, Denise takes you on a journey into the realm of spiritual tools, astrology, the ancient rituals of the shaman, with a splash of crystal wisdom and tarot.  If you’ve wondered how to contact spirit energy (think angels, guides, ascended masters), have a desire for more ways to integrate your soul-energy in your day to day life…then this class is for you.

Denise Stargazer brings more than twenty years of spiritual wisdom and intuition to this offering. And unlike other classes that talk about spirituality, Denise has a thriving private practice in Portland, Oregon, where she uses these techniques on a daily basis. And as a retired college professor, Denise brings a wealth of expertise and wisdom into her teachings. Her light-hearted nature is captivating. You will immediately feel welcome and at home.

The world of spirit and ritual awaits! Grab your crystals, your notebooks, pens and pendulums. Get comfy and dive in. This course also offers a curated list of books and assorted tools that will support your journey (however, you don’t have to buy a single thing to be successful within this course).

And if you’re like most of us, life is unpredictable. And BUSY! So fear not my dear seeker…this class will be open and available for a year. So you don’t have to feel rushed to complete the lessons. Denise also designed this course to be interactive. She hopes you will take notes as you go, participate in her ‘crystal quiz’ and feel like you’re sitting right next to Denise, in her studio in PDX.

Take a chance. Take a breath. Take a moment to join us for The Sun, The Shaman and Spirit. A spiritual class that helps you get unstuck from your day to day doldrums, brings you back into your soulful heart energy, and supports you with tools and know-how. Your daily rituals and sacred practice is about to level up. Welcome. I am honored you are here.

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