Spiritual Foresight: Divining Your Intuitive Life

Curriculum + Intuitive Coaching + Guest Soul-Speakers + Accountability; And a community of like-minded women, in a place of safety so we can heal, laugh, reflect and be heard.

  •           90-days (August 20 – November 12, 2022)
  •           Raw and real topics.
  •           Truth Seeking and Intuition Growing.

Our spiritual heart is our most precious gift. As women, we use our heart, soul and intuition to create our lives. And often, our magical-spiritual gift is neglected. We get busy. We buy into fear and uncertainty. Even though we know a spiritual/intuitive life is a reflective and joyful life.

Within our Spiritual Foresight group, we create a sovereign, love-filled place. Here, we receive sustenance for our broken hearts. Here, we honor all forms of existence in a meaningful, powerful way. Here, we honor each other. As we develop our spiritual presence all while allowing our intuition to be rekindled.

It is time…





Discussion Group
Week 1-2 Live Session
Week 3-4 Live Session
Guest Teacher Kiala Givehand: Dismantling Fear & The Shadow ( burn ceremony)
Week 5-6 Live Session
Week 7-8 Live Session
Cultivating Joy Guest Speaker Ivy Newport
Week 9-10 Live Session
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Lectures: 8