Spirit Alter

What if you could learn to communicate with Spirit?
You could create a simple ritual to help you remember your ancestors and loved ones in light?
And what if this practice was joyful, calming and healing for your heart and mind?

Welcome to Spirit Altars. An online class with Denise Stargazer, MA., a fully initiated shaman and psychic. Denise will guide you through a series of classes that help you honor the ancient tradition of altar practice and help you learn to communicate and build a relationship with your guides and spirit helpers. These practices are as old as the earth. And this hybrid class is part shamanic-intuitive practice, part folk-spell craft and part psychic awareness.

This online class opens March 1, 2023. The full retail price of this course is $88, but for a limited time, we are pre-selling Spirit Altars for $49 (that’s $39 off the retail price)!

By purchasing Spirit Altars, you will receive:

  • Access to the Spirit Altars online class in the convenience of your own home.
  • An entire year to not only take the class, but the ability to re-watch various segments of Spirit Altars to become comfortable with altar creation.
  • 10% off any purchases from our Wild + Holy Marketplace as a Spirit Altar student.
  • A template for designing altars anywhere, with a variety of tools that don’t cost a fortune.
  • Expert advice and guidance from a Shaman and Intuitive with over 25 years experience working with Spirit Energy (who is also a retired college professor and educator).

As you create your own altars and create a connection to the divine world, by the completion of Spirit Altars you will learn:

  • The difference between a Spirit altar and a shrine
  • The best locations for an altar and the sacred tools that can be used to create your altar
  • How to connect to Pachamama (Mother Earth) as an ally in working with altars and spirit energy
  • Ways to configure your altar to communicate with spirit in protected ways so as not to cause energetic harm to yourself or your household
  • Know how to use divine (metaphysical) tools including how to clear, assemble, disassemble, and complete an altar (including how long an altar should be set)
  • Specific invocations for activating your altar
  • How to use offering to invoke spirit energy
  • Ways that altars can support physical and energetic healing

Join Shamanic Practitioner and Intuitive DENISE BRAUN-STARGAZER for a spiritual journey into the world of altar craft. Let her guide you as you cultivate your altar tools and plan for your altar intentions.

This online course includes 6 modules which includes the welcome video (introduction and overview as well as resources and book referrals), defining an altar, the history of altars, shamanic sacred space creation, where to find altar supplies and how to use and clear them, using the four directions as a guide to connecting your altar to your intention, cleansing your space and keeping spirit energy active (with boundaries), why spell casting with altars can help you manifest and/or heal, and so much MORE!

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Enrolled: 14 students
Lectures: 6